Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How To Succeed In Politics: A Short Suite In Five Movements

another short suite [source]
[1] Introduction

This short suite explains how to succeed in politics.

The first movement -- this movement -- introduces the others.

The second movement lists the vital elements of success in politics.

The third and fourth movements expand on these elements.

The fifth movement draws out some of the implications.

Are you ready? Then let us continue...


[2] Required Elements

The two elements required for success in politics are:

-- Owning the Media


-- Owning the Politicians

These elements are not only necessary; they are also sufficient.


[3] Owning the Media

Owning the media means owning ALL the media.

This includes news, entertainment, the former disguised as the latter, and -- of course! -- the latter disguised as the former.

Newspaper publishers, radio outlets, and television networks are all crucial.

So are book and magazine publishers, film and video studios, and distribution networks for all of these.

But the most valuable assets are the "dissident" websites. Of this there is no doubt.


[4] Owning the Politicians

Owning the politicians means owning ALL the politicians.

No matter what office they're seeking -- (but the higher, the better) --

and no matter their chance of winning -- (but again: the higher, the better) --

owning ALL the politicians means not having to care who wins an election.

No matter who votes, and no matter who they vote for, you will own the winner.

Regarding means of ownership: Bribery and extortion may be necessary. They will also be sufficient.


[5] Implications

If you own the media and the politicians, your success is assured. Otherwise not.

Owning the politicians gives you control of the security services.

If you control the security services, no terrorist can attack without your consent.

Owning the media gives you control of the narrative as it unfolds -- and forever after.

If you control the narrative, you can blame anything on anyone, regardless of the evidence or lack thereof.

And that is the WHOLE story.


[Coda] Further Reading

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