Sunday, October 22, 2006

David Ray Griffin Says 'The 9/11 Commission Report Is A National Disgrace' -- Is He Crazy?

David Ray Griffin also says of the 9/11 Commission:
It systematically excludes virtually every fact supporting the alternative theory. But given [Philip] Zelikow's role, this should be no surprise to us. Some people have also called it a whitewash. And it is. But this term assumes that the Commission should have investigated the White House: that is, various kinds of evidence suggesting that there was complicity by the White House. But given Zelikow's position, any investigation of the White House would have been carried out by, essentially, the White House itself. A more accurate way to put it was that as the White House's inside man on the commission, Zelikow was in position to make sure that the White House, along with the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon and the Justice Department, was not investigated. Once we understand this, we will not be surprised by the Commission's Omissions.
Watch David Ray Griffin in these videos ...

... and tell me: Is he crazy?