Friday, October 27, 2006

Webster Tarpley Explains How To Prevent World War Three

According to Webster Tarpley, the way to prevent WWIII involves understanding "state-sponsored, false-flag terrorism" and debunking "the myth of 9/11".

Does that seem like a good idea to you?

Or does it seem a bit far-fetched?

Tarpley explains it all very well in another excellent item for your online video collection, from Google (via 99): Webster Tarpley: The 9/11 Issue: Key to stopping World War III

In this two-hour presentation, apparently from Jaunary of 2006 (it's marked "January 2005" but refers to events which occurred later in 2005), Tarpley talks about the history of state-sponsored terror and describes what he calls "the secret government". Here are some key excerpts from early on, which you should keep in mind as you go along:
MIHOP -- Made It Happen On Purpose
That is my theoretical standpoint... It means that we're gonna have to enter into a world that we never wanted to have to enter into, and that is the nightmare world of Pentagon acronyms, Pentagon code names, and military plans, because the key to 9/11 is not to be found in some cave in Afghanistan or in the sands of Saudi Arabia. It's to be found in the Pentagon, in Arlington, Virginia, or in Langley, Virginia, the CIA, or other bureaus of the U.S. government, and then of course, ultimately, the Wall Street financiers who, in a general way, control what those people do.
State-Sponsored False-Flag Terrorism
My method essentially regards terrorist methods as "composites". They're a point of intersection of three or four different levels of reality. And the main thing you have to understand is: You've got... the people you see:
Those the dupes, the useful idiots, the fanatics, but above all the double agents who run them. Those are the scapegoats who are gonna take the fall. The problem you always have to apply is "Does the patsy have the physical technical ability to create the effects observed?"... It doesn't depend on his criminal intent. He can have all the criminal intent in the world -- it won't let him do it!... You can say "Oh they hate us! Oh they hate us!" It doesn't matter how much they hate you. They can't do it. This a whole world of provocateurs, double agents. This is sort of the wormy underside of FBI, CIA, NSA, the rest of them. You've also got to look for
Government officials loyal to a private network. This is important. They don't follow the chain of command... they're not... loyal to a constitution, but they're rather loyal to a clique. It's ultimately in Wall Street but it's also senior government officials, generals, and like this... The moles have to make sure that nobody interferes with the patsies before the fact, not because the patsies are gonna carry out the attack, but because if the patsies are already in jail, you can't blame the crime on the patsies. So they've got to stay free, and then they've got to be arrested immediately, and you've then got to have a cover-up. And then you have
Professional Killers
There's got to be a role in this for -- I believe -- a privatized command center. There's got to be a role for assassins, in other words people like the people who really killed Kennedy, coming into town, getting out of town... Patsies love attention... The professional killers... don't say anything. They come in, shoot, leave. They're not ideologues in the same sense... And the whole thing doesn't work without the brainwashed world of the controlled
Corporate Media
And that's state-sponsored false-flag terrorism, because the thing says "We're al-Q'aeda" and they're not al-Q'aeda, they're a branch of CIA and MI6.
You can't sit back and expect Democracy Now to tell you, because they won't! Right?
Applause here and in several other spots.

For me, there's a personal highlight much later in the presentation, where Tarpley describes the "internet firestorm" which caused the postponement (twice) and eventual cancellation of a "drill" in which a nuclear bomb was supposed to undergo a "simulated explosion" in Charleston, South Carolina, in August of 2005.

That brought back some memories. Kevin Byrnes had just been sacked, I was guest-hosting on another blog at the time and we were on red alert. The next day, more of the same. But apparently, according to Tarpley, our work -- and that of many others -- was not in vain. Ahh, the good old days.

At the very end of the presentation, Tarpley makes a point of listing some "Left Gatekeepers" who he describes as "a whole series of leftists, left-liberals -- what can we call them? -- who don't address the issue. They do not address the myth of 9/11 ... many fine people ... but they don't address ... the issue where it absolutely counts, where you get more bang for the buck than anything else, and that's 9/11".

His list includes Noam Chomsky, Amy Goodman, Greg Palast, Sy Hersch, The Nation, Arundati Roy, Gore Vidal, George Galloway, Howard Zinn, and Ralph Nader. I might add a few of my personal disappointments: Howard Dean, Robert Parry, Josh Marshall, Michael Moore, Gwynne Dyer, and a certain green and yellow blog where my services are no longer ... available. I'm sure you can add a few of your own as well.

But in any event, please make time to watch the whole two-hour presentation.

In my view, nobody can apprehend the current situation without a full understanding of this material.

But there are all sorts of so-called "opposition leaders" who would love to see you try.