Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Webster Tarpley Says 'Terrorism Is Now The Myth Of The 21st Century' -- Is He Crazy?

Webster Tarpley also says:
This myth is absurd. It is intellectually and morally degrading to believe it. It is a myth of fascist, Hitlerian proportions... The Nazis talked about the myth of the 20th century as nationalism and chauvinism. Terrorism is now the myth of the 21st century. We're told that the purpose of the United States for the entire forseeable future is the war on terror, and nothing but. That's no future for the United States or for the world. It is a racist and war-mongering myth.
The task of our movement as I see it is to educate the US and World populations to the following point: If weapons of mass destruction go off anywhere in the world, please don't think: "Bin Laden, The Cave, Afghanistan" ... Please don't think it's Iran or Hizbollah. They're not that stupid. You've got to look to Cheney's office, Cheney's backers, Cheney's controllers.
Watch him speak in this video, listen to what he has to say, and tell me:

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Is Webster Tarpley crazy?