Monday, October 16, 2006

Rafael Correa: Calling Bush the Devil is offending the Devil

Here's some interesting news from Ecuador via The Independent:
Ecuador's election has been electrified by the looming figure of Mr Chavez, Venezuela's theatrical left-wing President. His barnstorming speech at the United Nations in New York in which he compared President George Bush to Satan and complained of the smell of sulphur on the platform was rapturously received by a growing anti-American movement worldwide.
Rafael Correa, a former finance minister who resigned from the government after speaking out against a US-backed trade agreement ... trumpeted his support for Mr Chavez's stand at the UN General Assembly. "Calling Bush the Devil is offending the Devil ... The Devil is evil but the Devil is intelligent," Mr Correa said.
I must admit I hadn't thought of it that way before.

You might want to read the entire article. You might also wish to review the speech in which Hugo Chavez called Bush "the Devil", and/or a couple of Winter Patriot posts on this topic: from September 21, Chavez Smells The Sulphur, and from September 24, How Much Courage Does It Take To Speak The Truth?