Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Philippine Police Say Bomb Hoax Is An Act Of Terrorism

According to a report from Francis Earl A. Cueto of The Manila Times,
People who issue false warnings of terrorist acts through text messages or other means could face charges for terrorism.

Chief Superintendent Luizo Ticman, chief of Eastern Police District, on Sunday warned sending messages of bombs in malls or other areas in the country, with the malicious intent of sending the police into a wild-goose chase, is an unpatriotic act and should be punished as such.
"It’s just like a terrorist threat," Ticman said of the alarm. The [pranksters] create an environment of fear, and that’s what terrorists want to accomplish. They should be regarded as terrorists."
Ironically, if American police were saying the same thing, state-sponsored organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security and corporate-sponsored organizations such as CNN could be in danger of prosecution for acts of overt terrorism, such as the dirty bomb hoax perpetrated last week.

As reported by RAW STORY last Wednesday,
CNN is currently reporting dirty bomb threats targeting specific NFL stadiums.

Law enforcement agencies and the Department of Homeland Security indicate that there is no reason to believe the threats are credible, but add that they are alerting the stadiums involved.
Am I alone in believing it irresponsible to report threats when there is no reason to believe they are credible? Clearly not.

But here's a better question: Does anyone agree with me other than the Philippine Police?