Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Jim Marrs Says: 'The World Trade Center Was Pulverized' -- Is He Crazy?

I have said many times -- too many times -- that those who control the vocabulary commonly used to describe an event can control the public's perception of that event. And I get annoyed when seekers of "9/11 Truth" repeat the official phrase, "the twin towers collapsed".

In my slightly frozen view, it was obvious from television coverage of the day, and it is still obvious from the videos of the event available online, that the twin towers did not collapse so much as they disintegrated.

Jim Marrs chooses a different word when he says, "The World Trade Center was pulverized."

Who's right? I suppose it depends on what the words mean:
collapsed: fell down or caved in
disintegrated: reduced to particles or fragments
pulverized: reduced to dust or powder
Some people say Jim Marrs is "crazy". Are they right about this? And if not, who are they protecting?

Watch him speak, listen to what he says, and then make up your own mind whether Jim Marrs is crazy or not.

As Marrs says near the end of this video,
If we are gonna call ourselves a free people, we'd better start demanding some truthful answers.