Monday, January 29, 2007

Remember Me To Herald Square

Shahawar Matin Siraj was found guilty of plotting bomb attacks against NYC landmarks (including the subway station at 34th and Broadway) and sentenced to 30 years, in yet another case that seems to bear the markings of a very slick entrapment operation.

1) January 9, 2007
"Would-Be Subway Bomber" -- Who "Never Had A Violent Thought" Until He Met Undercover Cop -- Sentenced To 30 Years

2) January 11, 2007
Family of Entrapped "Terrorist" Arrested

3) January 15, 2007
Becky Akers on Entrapped "Terrorist" Shahawar Matin Siraj

4) January 25, 2007
Entrapped "Terrorist" Matin Siraj To Appeal Conviction And Sentence

5) January 26, 2007
Mother and Sister of Entrapment Victim Released; Father Still Detained Without Charge or Hearing

6) February 16, 2007
Defense Fund Established For Family Of Entrapment Victim Whose Father Is Detained Without Charge Or Hearing

7) March 4, 2007
Herald Square Bombing Conspirator Gets Five Years, Dim-Witted Accomplice Gets Promoted To 'Mastermind'