Sunday, September 12, 2021

Graeme MacQueen: The Anthrax Attacks Had All The Markings Of A False Flag Operation

I wish to draw your attention to an excellent piece by Graeme MacQueen which was published by Covert Action Magazine the day before yesterday.

It's called Anthrax Attacks Directed Against Public Officials Following 9/11 Had all the Markings of a False Flag Operation and I hope you'll read all of it.

I've long been an admirer of Professor MacQueen, although I have spelled his name "McQueen" in the past. And I've been critical of his work, even though I'm impressed with his research, just because his presentation has been so difficult to understand at times.

But since then he's found a good editor, and/or taken my words to heart (just kidding on that last one). As a result (of whatever it was), his new article is much easier to read than some of his earlier efforts.

The anthrax attacks played a vital role in the "Reign of Terror" which began under the Bush Administration and continues to this day. But the story behind the anthrax attacks was very flimsy, and it fell apart even more rapidly than the slightly less flimsy story about the attacks with hijacked airplanes.

Apparently realizing that the anthrax story contained (or was!) a flaw that could expose the whole sorry plot, the media let the story drop, for the most part. But Professor MacQueen has continued to research and write about it, and his contribution in this area has been profound, in my view.

In this article, he analyzes a couple of the "anthrax letters" in fine detail, and deduces (correctly) that
its real authors, who are entirely different from its implied authors, are domestic groups within the U.S. Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Complex ... the United States was subjected to a domestically produced two-part psychological operation of overwhelming importance in the fall of 2001.
Regarding the evidence indicating a False Flag operation, he concludes:
... the 2001 anthrax attacks remind us that a trail of monstrous breadcrumbs is effective in leading us to the perpetrators’ desired endpoint only as long as we are blockheads.
"Blockheads" indeed. We are, you know. But some of us have been developing rounded corners lately.

If you're willing to round off some of your corners, read the whole article, and maybe even MacQueen's book on the subject, "The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy"