Friday, September 17, 2021

The Academy Of Doublethink Opens In Colorado

Don't get me started on a video clip from FOX News, featuring two Colorado men representing a group of parents who have started a new public school. This new school, according to the video, will focus on "traditional subjects like math, science and patriotism" while promising to "keep politics out of the classroom".

I find it remarkable (and remarkably sad) that neither of these men, nor any of the hundreds of YouTube viewers who have commented on this news, seem to have any idea that patriotism is not only not "a traditional subject" (or even a subect at all), but also completely incompatible with the promise to "keep politics out of the classroom", because patriotism is political.

Patriotism is not only a political entity; it's a political weapon! And in the specific case of US patriotism, its main function is to keep the American people ignorant of what their country is, and what it has done.

So if a school's curriculum is based on patriotism (even if it's not considered a "traditional subject") that will mean the students must never be allowed to learn any real history, or to learn any foreign languages, or to read anything written outside the United States, because most of what's been written outside the US and/or in languages other than English is decidedly unpatriotic and will certainly ruin their young lives if they're exposed to it.

Furthermore, they must never be allowed to see any foreign films, or to visit any foreign (or even dissident domestic) websites, and all for the same reasons.

This counts as "education" in Colorado. May God have mercy upon us.