Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another Really Bad NeoCon Idea: David Frum Wanted Bush to Speak from the Map Room

Former Bush speechwriter David Frum wrote before the event that he would have liked to see the so-called president go tactical on us, and give his Surge Speech from the Map Room, "the room on the ground floor of White House in which Franklin Roosevelt reviewed strategy with his generals.".
Hang a map of Baghdad on one wall. A map of Iraq on another. Have the president stand between them with a laser pointer.
Bad Idea, David!!

What could he have possibly said?
From a sattelite, Iraq looks like this.

Zoom in a little closer.

Do you notice those two lakes in the middle of the country?

Well, just east of them, there's this city, you see?


After nearly four years and as many as a hundred and forty thousand troops at a time, we still have not managed to secure the center of this one city.

Most days we can secure about this much of it. If we're lucky.

Or maybe this much. Well, anyway ...

Our problem is: How can we secure not only the city itself but the surrounding region, indeed the whole country, and in fact the entire Middle East?

There's only one way: Surge!

Surge To Victory!!

Surge Onwards To Glorious Victory!!!
Do you really think people would have bought it?

We may be stupid, but seriously, do you really think we're that stupid??