Friday, January 19, 2007

Webster Tarpley in Seattle

Here, courtesy of Yahoo Video, is a short clip of Webster Tarpley, speaking at a forum called "Facing The Truth About 9/11", which was held at the University of Washington on April 1, 2006.

I am particularly interested in his discussion of "Angel Is Next" (beginning at about 9:45). In Tarpley's view, this is where the secret government shows its hand, and it is the key to his understanding of the events of the day.

Unfortunately the video ends just as he's getting rolling on that topic, but he has a lot more to say about it, and you can listen to him with Mike Malloy here. It's a three-hour show from Air America, and Tarpley joins Malloy at the bottom of the first hour. The show may take a while to download, but it's essential listening for anyone who wants to know more...