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Webster G. Tarpley: What To Do Next

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[Webster G.] Tarpley is a patriot who speaks five languages and is out front on the truth tours, technical analysis and in bringing people into the light concerning the methods of the covert ops, e.g., patsies, moles, etc., as per JFK assassination ad nauseum.

Until we openly teach the power of the mind, and how tractable the average citizen is, we will be vulnerable to various forms of mind control, propaganda and simple advertising manipulation, not to mention personal prejudice. Immature people are generally control-freaks and don't understand liberty for what it really is...rather than the channeled form of "freedom" we now generally experience as the Matrix-type existence. If we don't have control of our minds and have allowed ourselves to be conditioned to be sophists, it's all over...

So pass this everywhere, and get people thinking in terms of effective action, as Tarpley does.
So writes prez_usa_exile, who quotes Webster G. Tarpley
The 9/11 truth movement contributed decisively to the defeat of the pro-Bush forces in the November 2006 election. Bush and Rove intended to terrorize the electorate with the 9/11 fear issue, as they had successfully done in 2002 and 2004, to create an atmosphere conducive to stealing yet another election with vote fraud, vote suppression, and other illegal dirty tricks. But this time, as even some leading Democrats noted, the spell had been broken, and the nightmare vision had lost its hypnotic power. Bush was exposed as the desperate little demagogue behind the curtain. This was the result of five years of agitation and political education carried out by the 9/11 truth movement on the internet, through regional, national, and local conferences, in books and other publications, in battles for academic freedom on campus, and on cable television especially during 2005-6.

The turning point of the election campaign was probably the four telecasts in July-August of the round table of the Alex Jones Los Angeles conference, taped in late June; these broadcasts reportedly garnered the highest ratings in the history of C-SPAN thanks in part to a campaign of call-ins to talk radio by 9/11 truth activists and deflated the racist, militarist, and fascist 9/11 myth in the eyes of a whole stratum of opinion leaders. The Hillary Clinton-Lieberman-Rahm Emmanuel wing of the Democratic Party, by contrast, did everything possible to re-enforce the 9/11 myth and lose the election, and has been attempting ever since to throw away the fruits of victory in the name of "bi-partisan" sellouts.

The United States is now in the throes of a party re-alignment on the model of 1828, 1860, 1896, 1932, and 1968. This past election, like 1930 and 1966, was the prelude to and harbinger of a great historical watershed. If the cause of 9/11 truth prevails, the re-alignment can be resolved in a positive direction for the United States and the world. If 9/11 truth is strangled, the re-alignment may well turn out to be a re-alignment into totalitarian fascism. If the Democratic Party attempts to continue the war of civilizations imposed using the 9/11 pretext, it is the Democratic Party which will be destroyed. The new Congress must repudiate the discredited 9/11 commission and re-open the 9/11 question, working to bring the September criminals in the US government to justice.

The Baker-Hamilton commission is an attempt by the US ruling class to continue the Iraq and Afghan wars with different rhetorical packaging, pushing the neocon fascist madmen into the background and attempting to recruit Syria for a US-sponsored Sunni alliance with Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt to oppose the Shiite bloc of Iran, Hezbollah, and the Iraqi Shiites. Baker-Hamilton ignore the grave danger that the 150,000 US troops in landlocked Iran will have their supply lines cut by insurgents, leading to their encirclement, decimation, and rout. Bush's likely insistence on escalating the Iraq war into an endless bloodbath, while retaining the lunatic victory rhetoric of the neocons and preserving total US subservience to Israel, may well propel part of the ruling class to seek the impeachment of the current regime, or Bush's ouster under the XXV Amendment. Such conflict is the public expression of a contrast within the US-UK ruling class itself between an extremist pro-fascist financier faction identified with George Shultz, and the imperialist grouping represented by James Baker III. The hegemony of either of these groupings spells doom for the United States as the death agony of the US dollar unfolds over the coming months. All indications point to a looming catastrophic worldwide dollar panic as more and more countries refuse to accept the US currency in payment for oil, raw materials, and other exports. The US ruling class will try to save the dollar by means of a regime of genocidal austerity here on the home front. We demand instead that the finance oligarchs pay for the crisis by means of a securities transfer tax (Tobin tax), taxes on the $300 trillion in derivatives held by Wall Street, and other taxes on the parasitical top 2% who have been the beneficiaries of the predatory tax policies of the Bush regime.

Bush-Cheney will necessarily attempt to motivate their policy of endless war and wider war against the will of 80% of the electorate by obsessive and compulsive citation of the lessons of 9/11. In this way they will place 9/11 more than ever before at the center of political conflict. Our ability to further dismantle and discredit the 9/11 myth will be the key to defeating Bush-Cheney and their war regime. By sweeping the 9/11 myth into the garbage can of history, we will destroy Bush's last line of defense. In doing this, the 9/11 truth movement is the only force which can save the United States.

The Democratic rubber-stamping of al Qaeda founder and Iran-contra criminal Robert Gates as Pentagon boss shows that the Democratic Party is strongly inclined to capitulate to Bush. Despite the parliamentary cretinism of Speaker Pelosi, other forces are at work to radicalize the Democrats. Whatever legislation the Democratic Congress may pass is likely to be vetoed by Bush. The one important power the Congress can exercise is that of oversight hearings, using subpoenas to compel testimony and the disclosure of documents by such lawless officials as Gonzalez, Rice, etc. Cheney has already signaled that the administration will refuse to comply, citing the fascist theory of the "unitary executive." This will force the Congress, deprived of any other way of justifying their own existence, to resort to contempt of Congress citations, funding cutoffs (on the model of the Hatfield-McGovern amendment that ended the Vietnam war), and boycotts of Bush's nominees. The resulting constitutional crisis over checks and balances would then set the stage for the impeachment of top officials.

US-led coalitions are facing catastrophic defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan, while the vaunted Israeli army has been mauled by Hezbollah during this past summer's war in southern Lebanon. These events symbolize the death knell of imperialism in the Middle East. Oblivious of this, the Shultz-Cheney faction continues to strive for a new 9/11, a new Gulf of Tonkin, of other provocations which would enable US nuclear attack on Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, or other nations. Since these machinations would most likely be conducted under the cover of exercises and drills, we must maintain our vigilance, including by forcing the new Congress to address the issues of what 9/11 really was and how it could be repeated by the rogue networks in the CIA, Pentagon, etc. We must:

1. Impeach Bush-Cheney and top administrations officials (Gonzalez, Rice, etc.) for 9/11 crimes, starting with the overwhelming prima facie case for misprision of treason. (The Vermont Idea)

2. Deploy 9/11 Truth Squads into New Hampshire, Iowa, and other early primary/caucus states to confront candidates of all parties, challenging them to repudiate the racist, militarist, and fascist official myth of 9/11, re-open the investigations, and bring the actual perpetrators -- the 9/11 September criminals infesting the US government to justice. We reject the warmongers, totalitarians, globalizers, and state terrorists from all parties.

3. Aggressively lobby the new Congress to re-open 9/11, condemn the discredited Kean-Hamilton-Zelikow commission report, end the Iraq war at once, block the planned attacks on Iran, Syria, North Korea and Venezuela, and ward off new acts of US-UK false flag state sponsored terrorism. We want the Patriot Act repealed, habeas corpus restored, and illegal NSA wiretaps shut down.

4. Prepare now to field slates of 9/11 truth candidates in the 2007 and 2008 elections, with a view to pushing the ongoing party re-alignment towards a positive anti-fascist outcome compatible with human progress.

5. Expand the effort of drill monitoring to deprive the ruling elite of the option of bootlegging new synthetic terror actions under the cover of military exercises and homeland security drills.

6. Call for more whistle blowers and deep throats to come forward with the truth of how 9/11 was a deliberate provocation run through the US military-security bureaucracy. We must identify, denounce, expose, and shut down suspect drills, educating world opinion about how drills are the matrix of state terrorism.

7. Prepare the ground for mass actions, including an open-ended general strike on the model of Spain in March 2004, to fight back against new state terrorist provocations, wider aggressive wars, and attempts to cancel elections or impose martial law.

8. In the context of the ongoing death agony of the US dollar, prepare urgent measures for emergency relief, job creation, re-industrialization, and economic recovery along the lines of the New Deal.

9. Work for the convocation during 2007 of an Independent International Truth Commission of eminent world figures to pass judgment of the US-UK official explanation of the 9/11 events and the neocon war of civilizations deriving from them.

10. The 9/11 truth movement, having largely transcended the artificial and obsolete left-right divide, will continue to work for the convergence of leftists, progressives, conservatives, greens, libertarians, and all persons of good will on the basis of a program of rejection war and dictatorship, and promoting economic recovery. This is a vital contribution to the ongoing party realignment and crisis of the political system.
The emphasis above is mine, and I wonder what you think about all (or any part of) this.

Please speak freely, as usual.

UPDATE: It's happening!!

From the Boston 9/11 Truth Blog:
Announcing an afternoon of TRUTH with Webster Tarpley

Jan 20th, 2006 11AM at the Friends Meeting House,
141 Central Avenue
Dover, NH

Webster Tarpley, noted author of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, and George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, will lead the day's activities for 9/11 activists, the public and invited guests in an event to create "Truth Squads" which will present a challenging presence to the presidential candidates in New Hampshire.

In his presentation Webster will discuss the current political party realignment and whether this transition will take us towards a new progressive phase or a more fascist and draconian society. As well the political evidence of 9/11 crimes, the dollar collapse, the dangers of a new 9/11 and the impending collapse of US forces in Iraq will be addressed by Mr. Tarpley.

Additional speakers will be added to address the issues of Impeachment and ending the war in Iraq.


Peggy Brewster: (Seacoast 9-11 Questions)
Jason King: (Boston 9/11 Truth Committee)

More details to follow at:

Voice Mail: 617-401-8047
Anyone close enough to attend?? Have a go at it! You never know what you can do until you try!!