Friday, January 5, 2007

Good Catch!

Sometimes it helps to remember that not all "heroes" are hired killers working abroad on behalf of the government.

N.Y. brothers catch falling toddler
A three-year-old was caught by two strangers after falling from a fourth floor window in New York City.

Two brothers, Julio Gonzalez and Pedro Navarez, spotted the toddler hanging from the fire escape of an apartment building.

Navarez, 39, told CBS 2 News he was able to get beneath the child to break his fall. The boy bounced off him and into the arms of his brother, he said.

The baby suffered minor cuts and bruises and is being treated in hospital. Police are investigating the incident.

The brothers, who are being hailed as heroes, weren't injured.
Guess what?
It's not the first heroic act to make headlines in the city this week.
Have you heard about the first one?
On Tuesday, 51-year-old Wesley Autrey leaped onto the subway tracks ahead of an oncoming train to shield a man who had had a seizure and fallen in.

Cameron Hollowpeter, 19, remains in hospital in stable condition.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Thursday awarded Autrey the "Hero of Harlem," while real estate mogul Donald Trump gave him $10,000 and a trip to Disney World.
A cash reward from Donald Trump and a trip to Disney World?

Only in NYC, you say? Well, where else?

But back to the most recent astonishing act of heroism: There's a video report here from WCBS-TV, where one of the so-called heroes, Pedro Navarez, says:
We don't feel like we're heroes. I mean, we just did what anyone else could do.
Maybe so, but still ... Good Catch!!