Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bloody Tuesday in Baghdad: Bombs Kill More Than 100 Civilians

The daily death toll from bombing attacks on Baghdad civilians hit triple digits on Tuesday, as violence in the occupied country continued to escalate.

The Washington Post reported:
Baghdad bombs kill 105
Bombers killed 70 people, many of them young women students, at a Baghdad university on Tuesday, one of the city's bloodiest days in weeks.
Outside the Mustansiriya University in central Baghdad, a car bomb tore through students, most of them women, gathered waiting for vehicles to take them home. A suicide bomber then walked into a crowd at a rear entrance, killing more.
The Education Ministry, whose employees and students have been frequent targets [...] issued a public appeal for blood for the 110 wounded and said the university would close until next week.
In all, at least 105 were killed in bombings and a shooting in the capital.
In other blood-soaked news of Iraq,
The United Nations, in its latest two-monthly human rights report on Iraq, said data from hospitals and morgues put the total civilian death toll for 2006 at 34,452 -- 94 each day.

Comparable figures for previous years were not available but officials agree sectarian bloodshed has surged in the past year.
"Without significant progress on the rule of law, sectarian violence will continue indefinitely and eventually spiral out of control," the U.N. human rights chief in Iraq, Gianni Magazzeni, told a news conference.
For the current occupants of the White House, the news couldn't possibly be better. They will never admit it (unless some very intrepid reporter happens to catch the so-called president too drunk to shut up), but this -- outright chaos in the heart of the Middle East -- this is what they have wanted all along.

You don't believe me? Why do you think Washington set up these "sectarian" death squads to begin with -- because they wanted Iraq to become a peaceful country?

Read 'em and weep, my friends. Read 'em and weep.

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