Sunday, January 28, 2007

NYT Protest Photo = Propaganda Moment of the Moment

The National Mall was visited by two anti-Surge protesters on Saturday, joined by a young woman who came along for the photo-op, according to this picture from the New York Times.

You'll notice there's nobody else in the photo, which must have been staged shot early Saturday morning, before all the anti-protesters appeared.

The article with which this photo appeared was headlined "Protest Focuses on Iraq Troop Increase". As if the war itself were legitimate and widely supported. As if the protesters were only concerned about the so-called "Surge".

Thus the gray bitch continues its treasonous effort to mislead the American people about the war in Iraq -- and the public perception thereof.

If you're wondering how long the NYT has been a propaganda organ of the warmongers, the answer is: FOREVER!