Monday, January 22, 2007

Webster Tarpley: "Get active, or get radioactive."

Over at 911 Blogger dot com, Reprehensor has posted an excellent report on the gathering of 9/11 activists in New Hampshire this weekend.

It starts like this:
About 150 people gathered in Dover NH, this past Saturday to discuss 9/11 strategy in this politically essential state. New Hampshire is where the presidential primaries begin.

Activists confronted Democratic Senator Chris Dodd with some questions on Saturday, and Webster Tarpley reported on the activities from the Friends Meeting House in Dover. The first hour of World Crisis Radio was spent primarily on a Q&A session with some of the activists who were there, and started on the Dodd questioning toward the end of the hour.
There's a lot more, plus a link to the audio. Please get over there and check it out!