Thursday, January 4, 2007

Australia Sweep England: Blair Must Go! Howard Must Go!

Australia's cricketers have completed a five-match sweep of England, the first such whitewash in more than 80 years.

The two nations play a semi-irregular five-match series called (or for) "the Ashes".

England have been touring Australia this summer, hoping to defend their trophy, and to speak plainly: they've been getting their butts kicked.

In test cricket, each match is scheduled to last five for days; the fourth match was over in three. And now this,
England were pulverised on the fourth day of the Sydney Test as the Aussie juggernaut swept to its fifth win in five with another immaculate showing.
a beating nearly as bad, over before lunch on the fourth day, for the series sweep.

How pathetic!

England were last swept in an Ashes series during the summer of 1920-21.

This is clear evidence that war criminal Tony Blair must go.

And I ask you this: Can you imagine being Prime Minister of a country that would humiliate a fellow war-criminal like that?

War criminal John Howard must go too!