Thursday, January 18, 2007

Webster Tarpley: Widening The War

Author and historian Webster Tarpley spoke about Widening The War on Guns + Butter today.

Subjects included the situation in Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq, Bush's "surge" plan, the huge problem the US forces have with logistics, and many others. I was especially interested in the parallels Tarpley drew between Hitler's siege of Stalingrad and Bush's approach to Baghdad. Scary stuff.

Tarpley's grasp of military history is very impressive, and he gives a chilling account of how various armies have been annihilated over the centuries.

The audio file is here, and it's worth paying attention to it, especially if you are willing to entertain notions you won't find in mainstream media. For instance:
The US is defeated in Iraq. The British are defeated in Afghanistan. The Israelis were defeated in Lebanon...

The old imperialism ... is finished, and people have got to realize this.

The global war against terrorism is a fraud.
And so on ...

Please give it a listen.