Friday, March 23, 2007

Building 'An Impregnable Fortress Of Democracy', American-Style

It's a national holiday! And to celebrate, the General President is vowing to build "an impregnable fortress of democracy". His friends in the White House must be pleased to see him doing it the American way.

On March 9, the General President dismissed the nation's Chief Justice, on charges of "misconduct" and "misuse of office."

Why? No particular reason. But the General President needs a pliant Supreme Court since he is planning to stage-manage his reelection for another five year-term, and he also wants to retain the top military rank indefinitely, both in flagrant violation of the country’s constitution.

How flagrant? Even the country's lawyers staged a virtually unanimous protest, but they were shut down by the police (photo). Now, as unrest spreads throughout the country, the suddenly former Chief Justice says he's innocent and wants an open trial, whereas the General President is asking him not to turn it into "a political issue".

Does this matter halfway around the world? Think nuclear weapons, a rogue intelligence agency, extensive terrorist connections (even within the government), intense animosity toward other countries (including USA) and anger over the GWOT, not to mention grief over the strangulation murder of the national cricket coach, during the World Cup!

Throw in a suddenly unstable government, and what have you got? Better not to think about that one, eh what?

Have no fear; the wheels of stability are turning quickly. The General President has met with his legal experts and a new Chief Justice will be sworn in tomorrow. As for the main point at issue, whether he will be allowed to run in rig the upcoming election as a General as well as incumbent President, the General President says he'll settle this himself.

So the outcome is fairly well-known in advance of the event. There is another question, however. Will he get to run as General War President? I hate to go out on a frozen limb but in my view his chances look good, especially if the nasty little war gets any nastier.