Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Shrub Taps Dole To Head Vet Med Probe

In its article announcing the decider's decision to use ancient elephant insider former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole to stop further discussion of look into a long-term scandal sudden crisis involving ill and injured vets all over the country at Walter Reed Army Hospital, TIME Magazine quotes the cruel and unusual little chimperor thus:
"We have a moral obligation to provide the best possible care and treatment to the men and women who served our country," Bush said in a speech to the American Legion. "They deserve it and they're going to get it."
Huh? How are they gonna get it?

Are we supposed to believe Bush all of a sudden cares about moral obligation?

Are we supposed to believe Bush all of a sudden cares about providing the best possible care and treatment to the men and women who served our country?

Of course we have a moral obligation and of course they deserve it. But they're not gonna get it! And everybody knows it! So what's with the spectacle?

What did the audience at the Legion hear?
Bush said an interagency task force of seven Cabinet secretaries, led by Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson, would be convened to determine what can be done immediately to improve veterans' care.
How typical! Not only of Bush but also of the entire political philosophy which he and his administration have come to represent.

After full-spectrum abuse of the military for his entire unelected tenure in office, the chimperor empanels a committee of experts to determine what can be "done" to solve the problem "immediately".

What did the Legion audience think of this?

Did they applaud? Shame on them if they did.

The article doesn't say, but it does say this:
"I'm concerned about the fact that when they come back they don't get the full treatment they deserve," Bush said. His appointment of Dole and Shalala was greeted with applause.
Here's an example of the sort of framing that almost starts to thaw me out:
The review came in the wake of disclosures of shoddy outpatient health care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, one of the nation's premier facilities for treating veterans wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. "I am concerned as you are about the conditions of Walter Reed Army Medical Center," the president said.
To me, the obvious response is "Yeah, sure!!" and the obvious question is: If Walter Reed is one of the nation's permier facilities and its conditions are of concern to someone as callous as the wicked little fool who inhabits the Oval Office, what does this say about the system as a whole? Did anyone ask him that? Apparently not.

How can a "journalist" write news and background in such a way as to hide the obvious questions? See above.

Are there any true Conservatives or true Republicans here who still support this madness? If so, please make an appointment at the guillotine section on your way home this evening.