Saturday, March 3, 2007

Prison Planet Calls Out "Progressive Bloggers"

In a powerful article posted Thursday, Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet calls out the BBC, the rest of the mainstream media, Digg dot com, and so-called progressive bloggers in general.

You can click the link to read about the first three; here's what Paul says about the bloggers:
Kudos goes to Wonkette for covering the Building 7 story, but almost every other so-called "progressive" website has been mute. Crooks and Liars, one of the biggest liberal blogs on the web, today spotlights a story about lesbian koala bears. On Tuesday night they led with a gossip puff piece about Mitt Romney's hair. How can these gatekeepers claim to represent "alternative media" when they stuff this kind of crap down our throats on a daily basis, while ignoring massive stories like the WTC 7 fiasco?
Shucks, Paul; you caught me. I didn't say anything about the BBC/WTC7 fiasco myself. But I was busy, telling a different 9/11 story, the day it broke! ;-)