Monday, March 12, 2007

Good "News": The "Surge" Is "Succeeding"!!

[updated below, twice]

The president's brilliant new strategem is working wonders in Iraq, and it's horribly unfortunate that the anti-American leftist press, led by the terrorist-sympathizers at the Washington Post, are not intellectually honest enough to say so on their front page.

But fortunately the WaPo has op/ed pages, where neutral observers such as Robert Kagan can fill us in on all the wonderful progress being made between the Tigris and the Euphrates.

So finally we can read all the details being suppressed by the president's mortal enemies at the New York Times, which wants America to lose in Iraq; the details the anti-war and pro-terrorist Congressional Democrats won't tell you; the very important facts you'll never see from radical liberal television news outlets such as CNN and FOX.

Here's the good news: The surge is succeeding! Iraq is more peaceful now! The American soldiers are winning the hearts and minds of the families whose doors they break down, earning the love and respect of the parents whose daughters they rape and murder, and deserving the eternal gratitude of a nation whose vast oil reserves will soon be controlled by the big oil companies! How could we not be celebrating?

Robert Kagan draws most of his material from Mohammed and Omar Fadhil, the thoroughly discredited bloggers propagandists who bring us the good news from Iraq lie through their teeth at Iraq The Model. Kagan calls the Fadhil brothers "widely respected for their straight talk"; apparently he doesn't realize that their con game was exposed a long time ago.

It's surprising that Robert Kagan doesn't know this, especially since he is a co-founder of the neoconservative "think tank" Project for a New American Century and the Fadhil brothers at ITM are there only to do the neocons' bidding.

It's also surprising that the Washington Post introduces Robert Kagan as "a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and transatlantic fellow at the German Marshall Fund", without mentioning his relationship to the PNAC or his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations.

Oh well. The anti-American leftist press regularly omits details of this sort, so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised at all.

On the other hand, God bless the terrorist-sympathizers at the Washington Post for finally bringing us some good "news".

The "surge" is "succeeding".


Baghdad reeling from bomb attacks
Baghdad streets were once more filled with mourners on Monday after deadly bombings killed dozens of people and exposed the limits of a month-old security sweep through the Iraqi capital by local and US forces.

The US military also reported the deaths of five more US troops in Iraq, three of them in action and two in non-combat incidents.
The surge is succeeding.
Iraqi security officials said three people were killed in more violence, while three bodies were found, including a former Baath Party member.

Shiite families mourned the deaths of 31 pilgrims who were slaughtered in a car bomb attack on Sunday as they arrived back in Baghdad after a religious festival in the holy city of Karbala.

The bodies of 12 of the slain devotees left Baghdad again in a procession of vehicles for Najaf, 160 kilometres (100 miles) south of the capital, where they will be buried, an AFP correspondent said.

Coffins were draped in Iraqi flags and loaded on to pick-ups and minibuses, accompanied by women in black crying and screaming in horror at their loss and fear of the trip ahead, which would take them back into danger.
Iraq is getting safer every day.
"We are scared of being attacked again on the road to Najaf," said one young man.

"What wrong did they do? They just went to Karbala for the 40th day of Imam Hussein's death," said another mourner, a mother whose two sons were killed.
The president is a genius.
Bush, on a visit to Colombia, called on Iran and Syria to follow up positive statements they made at an international conference on Iraq on Saturday with concrete action, urging the two governments to stop the flow of weapons and foreign fighters into Iraq.

"If they really want to help stabilise Iraq there are things for them to do, such as cutting off weapon flows and or the flow of suicide bombers into Iraq," Bush told reporters.

"There's all kinds of ways to measure whether they're serious about the words they utter."
Can't you see it coming already? If the violence in Iraq does not subside (and we have ways of making sure it won't!) then the Syrians and Iranians can be blamed, the decider can decide they're not serious about the words they utter, and they would become eligible for some regime change!

It's a brilliant strategy, albeit in a very evil way, and it's a good thing we have papers like the Washington Post and people like Robert Kagan telling us that the "surge" is "succeeding", because I don't think I want to see what will happen when it fails!


Glenn Greenwald points out that Robert Kagan's brother Frederick is the chief architect of the surge and its chief cheerleader, and says perhaps the WaPo should have mentioned this. He also writes:
No rational person would believe a word Robert Kagan says about anything. He has been spewing out one falsehood after the next for the last four years in order to blind Americans about the real state of affairs concerning the invasion which he and his comrade and writing partner, Bill Kristol, did as much as anyone else to sell to the American public.

In April, 2003, Kagan declared the war over and said we won. Since then, he has continuously claimed that things were getting better in Iraq. He is completely liberated from any obligation to tell the truth and is a highly destructive propagandist whose public record of commentary about Iraq ought to disqualify him from decent company, let alone some sort of pretense to expertise about this war.
It's almost ludicrous, or at least it would be except that some people actually believe this stuff. Quoth SWAC Girl:
Now that the surge is proven to be working, will the dems stop trying to hold back funds for the war? Will they give this war a chance?