Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chris Floyd With Scott Horton On America's War-By-Proxy In Somalia ... And Much More

Scott Horton says:
Chris Floyd discusses the rendition of an American citizen to Ethiopia until he admits he’s al Qaeda, the nearly unremarked-upon proxy war for the Warlords in Somalia, the arrogant ignorance of America’s political establishments and the distracted apathy of the American people.
Chris and Scott talked for about half an hour, but it seemed much quicker. Click here for the MP3; if that doesn't work you can probably reach it through this page ... or this one. And if none of those do it for you, try here. Sheesh!

I'm listening to it now, and here's my advice: Turn it up!!

Chris even mentions Paul Harvey -- Big Dan is gonna love it!

Many thanks to Chris Floyd, Scott Horton, and Antiwar Radio.

You guys rock!!