Saturday, March 24, 2007

Is Cynthia McKinney Thinking Green Thoughts For 2008?

Here's a little bit of interesting scuttlebut from Matthew Cardinale of Atlanta Progressive News:
Former US Rep. McKinney continues to keep her options open for the future. It is unclear whether she will run for her US House seat in Georgia’s 4th District again, or whether she will run in another district, or for another Office.

Several Internet sites are abuzz with the possibility McKinney may defect to the Green Party. A close look at her recent statements in DC would seem to corroborate such a possibility.

McKinney has been speaking at Green Party functions, particularly on the West Coast, and multiple sources close to APN say she is being wooed by the Greens to consider numerous possibilities, including a 2008 Presidential nomination. It was widely reported McKinney considered a Green run in 2004, but she decided at that time to run again as a Democrat for Georgia’s 4th Congressional seat.

Asked if there’s any basis to the innuendo of a Green candidate McKinney in the future, “The Dems certainly didn't bolster their case today, did they?” McKinney told Atlanta Progressive News.
The former Congresswoman was referring to the House having passed a bill which has a chance -- if the Senate passes it too and if the chimp doesn't veto it (i.e. slim to none) -- to continue funding the occupation of Iraq until just before the 2008 election. (i.e. How cynical can they get?)

I think she looks good in green.