Thursday, March 8, 2007

Gwynne Dyer And 9/11 Truth: Never The Twain Shall Meet

I've been waiting five and a half years for Gwynne Dyer to finally say something about 9/11. As it turns out, I shouldn't have bothered. Neither should he.

I'll spare you the details and get right to the conclusions...

On Loose Change:
pure paranoid fantasy and it is rotting people's brains
On MIHOP (the notion that certain key officials Made It Happen On Purpose):
I don't think that Tenet, Rice, Powell et al would have deliberately plotted the deaths of thousands of Americans.

I don't believe even Dick Cheney would have done that.
On the official conspiracy theory: not a word!

On the conspiracy theory presented by Loose Change:
The FBI was in on it, the CIA was in on it, the Air Force was in on it - except those who were killed at the Pentagon - and North American Aerospace Defence Command was in on it.

The security companies guarding the World Trade Centre were in on it, Mayor Rudy Giuliani was in on it, the Federal Aviation Administration was in on it, Nasa was in on it, and the Pentagon was in on it. At least 10,000 people were in on it. They had to be, or it couldn't have worked.

More than five years later, not one of them has talked. Nobody has got drunk and spilled their guts. Nobody has told their spouse, who then blabbed.

Not one of these 10,000 accomplices to mass murder has yielded to the temptation for instant fame and great wealth for blowing the whistle on the greatest conspiracy in history.
Oh yeah? Instant fame and great wealth?? How about instant unemployment?

If Gwynne Dyer had done some honest open-minded research, he could have found the answers to many of the questions he doesn't even treat as worthy of being asked.

For instance, there is considerable evidence indicating that the security companies guarding the World Trade Center were in fact in on it. We talked about that not very long ago.

We know how the Air Force was diverted -- with the heaviest concentration of war games ever scheduled. We know how NORAD was confused -- and we marvel at how many times the people who should have been handling the emerging crisis asked, "Is this real-world or an exercise?".

In an environment where following orders is everything, where information is made available on a "need to know" basis, it certainly would be possible to organize an attack on this scale without letting 10,000 people in on the guilty secret. And Gwynne Dyer should know it.

How many people would it take? Let's look at it this way: Spectacular crimes are always easier to pull off with some inside help than without any. We're supposed to believe the crime of the century was committed by 19 or 20 foreigners with no access to any inside help whatsoever. So why would it take 10,000 well-connected insiders to inflict the same damage? It makes no sense at all.