Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Iran Offers To Negotiate With IAEA, i.e. Without UNSC 'Interference'

Color me an incurable romantic optimist if you must, but I couldn't avoid smiling when I saw this story from USA TODAY: Iran offers to negotiate with IAEA
VIENNA (AP) — Iran offered Tuesday to clear up suspicions about its disputed nuclear activities if the Security Council ends its "interference," in an apparent attempt to head off new sanctions for its refusal to freeze uranium enrichment.

The overture, contained in a restricted document made available to the Associated Press, came as the five permanent council members deliberate on a new resolution aiming to tighten up the sanctions against Iran for its nuclear defiance.

The document — a letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency — said Iran was ready to "negotiate ... for the resolution of outstanding issues with the IAEA ... without the interference of the United Nation(s) Security Council."
Can the slow rush to war be slowed down even further? Maybe even stopped in its tracks?

Things keep getting curiouser and curiouser. And I'll keep you posted.