Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dozens March For More War

Dozens of war supporters heckled the anti-war protesters who marched in Washington on Saturday, some carrying signs saying:
"Peace Through Strength"
"al-Qaida Appeasers On Parade"
"We Are At War, Liberals Root For the Enemy"
"Win the war or lose to jihad"
"Our troops are shedding their blood to keep terrorists from America"
"St. Patrick: Drive the Democrats from our land"

Meaningless slogans aside, some of them actually explained why they still support the war:

From AP via CTV:
22-year-old Raleigh N.C. native Henry Sowell, who fought with the Marines in Iraq in 2005, said anti-war protesters were "taking away what my buddies died for and what I fought for."
Similarly, from VOA:
Jane Johnson['s] 22-year-old son was killed while serving in Baghdad. "To me, they are basically spitting on my son's grave," she said.
So there you have it:

Let's kill thousands more Americans and hundreds of thousands more Iraqis so that people like Henry Sowell and Jane Johnson won't have to admit they were duped.

Well, that and the oil, of course.