Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Back From The Abyss -- Barely

The American "voters" looked over the edge of a ragged cliff yesterday, and decided -- just barely -- not to take the final plunge. Some of my fellow bloggers are pleased and even excited by the results of the "election", but I do not share their joy. I don't feel any joy at all, to tell you the truth -- only a very slight sense of not-quite-relief.

Beginning in January of 2007, the House of Representatives will be controlled by feckless and clueless Democrats, who may be better than mendacious and facist Republicans, but not by very much.

The dismantling of our former system of Constitutional law will proceed, albeit a tad bit less quickly than it has in the past six years. We still have no jobs, we're still surrounded by oceans of cheap plastic crap from China via WalMart, we're still stuck in Iraq, we still support the state-sponsored terrorist organization which calls itself Israel, and our so-called "news media" are still -- with one notable exception -- lying through their highly polished teeth.

The country may be headed in a new direction, but I fear we are only exchanging one set of murderous lies for another. If the Democrats have their way, we will soon "redeploy" the most awesome military power ever assembled, away from Iraq and into Afghanistan, in the continuing hunt for a former CIA asset who had nothing to do with 9/11 and who has been dead for almost five years.

I, for one, am not dancing.

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