Friday, November 3, 2006

Chris Floyd: Lights Going Out All Over Baghdad

The inimitable Chris Floyd, whom I have described elsewhere as the most literate truth-teller in the English-speaking world, has recently posted another very powerful column about the rapidly deteriorating situation in Iraq.

A few excerpts from Endgame: The Lights Are Going Out All Over Baghdad:
While the American election campaign thrashes toward the finish line with the usual spasms of witless diversion and hyper-mendacity – an echo chamber of utter bullshit roaring in a media bubble murderously detached from reality – in the actual world of flesh and blood, the destruction of Iraq engineered by George W. Bush is entering a new phase that could make the previous three years of all-devouring hell look like a sojourn in paradise.
The endgame has begun. And whether the Americans withdraw to a few "superbases" in the desert, or "redeploy" over the border in Kuwait, or have to fight their way out of the Green Zone in a mad dash for the last transports leaving the airport, nothing will stop the bloodbath that Bush and his henchmen have set in motion. They have destroyed the Iraqi state and Iraqi society – along with vast swathes of the Iraqi population – and the consequences of this moral insanity, this willful, deliberate evil, will be terrible to behold.
I rarely find myself disagreeing with Chris, and certainly not this time. Please read the whole column.