Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Confirmed: Israel Nuked Lebanon!

(Updated below)

According to the Italian news service RAI, British scientists have confirmed previously-reported suspicions that Israel used a uranium bomb against the Lebanese village of Khiam.

RAI reports that soil samples from the bomb crater contained twenty times as much radioactivity as samples from the surrounding area.

The British newspaper The Independent had previously reported that soil samples from Lebanon were being tested for radiation in England. RAI now reports that the radioactivity has been confirmed by British scientists at two different laboratories.
The measurements were carried out by two Lebanese professors of physics - Mohammad Ali Kubaissi and Ibrahim Rachidi. The data - 700 nanosieverts per hour – showed remarkably higher radiocativity then the average in the area (Beirut = 35 nSv/hr ). [...] on September 17th, Ali Kubaissi took British researcher Dai Williams, from the environmentalist organization Green Audit, to the same site, to take samples that were then submitted to Chris Busby, technical adisor of the Supervisory Committee on Depleted Uranium, which reports to the British Ministry of Defense. The samples were tested by Harwell’s nuclear laboratory, one of the most authoritative research centers in the world. On October 17th, Harwell disclosed the testing results - two samples in 10 did contain radioactivity.

On November 2nd, another British lab, The School of Oceanographic Sciences, confirmed Harwell’s results – the Khiam crater contains slightly enriched uranium.
As Kurt Nimmo wrote late last month:
This is scantly mentioned in the corporate media ... as such brutal revelations would inspire people to ask their government why it is sending billions of dollars a year to a country that nukes its neighbor (and using uranium-based munitions is indeed nuclear war, even if the signature mushroom cloud is absent).
Nimmo also reported that Israel appears to have used other unconventional weapons against the people of Lebanon. For more details, please see:

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UPDATE: According to this UNEP report, UN inspectors did not find any evidence of radioactive munitions having been used in Lebanon. Is it possible that the Italians are lying? Is it possible that the British labs are lying? Or is it possible that the UNEP inspectors didn't look in Khiam? Of course, all these explanations are possible.