Monday, November 13, 2006

Israeli Prime Minister Says Iran Must Be Stopped

Gorged on the blood of sleeping Palestinian women and children, and emboldened by the US veto of a UN resolution condemining the lastest atrocity, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has issued a warning, saying that Iran is planning crimes against humanity and must be stopped.

An honest observer must ask: How many of its neighbors has Iran attacked recently? How many innocent lives have been lost to the Iranian military? Has Iran been shelling residential areas? And how is it possible that this obvious war-criminal is allowed to speak in public, let alone having his words published in supposedly reputable newspapers? Shouldn't he be hanging from a noose already? Shouldn't he have been hanging from a noose a long time ago?

Here, from YouTube, is a clip described by Kurt Nimmo as "The Video Pelosi and AIPAC Don't Want You to See":

Tell me again: Who, exactly, must be stopped?