Thursday, November 9, 2006

Democrats Prepare To Ratify Republican Treason

Hidden at the end of the New York Times piece, Bush to Ask Lame Duck Congress to Confirm Gates, in which the White House announced it would try to use the lame ducks to confirm the appointments of both Bob Gates (as Secretary of Defense) and John Bolton (as Ambassador to the UN), Democratic leaders say they're preparing to give away everything the Republicans haven't already stolen outright.
[Democratic Senator Harry] Reid, who appeared with [Democratic Senator Dick] Durbin, the party’s whip, and [Democratic Senator] Charles E. Schumer of New York, who led his party’s Senate-election effort, said the elections had given Democrats a chance to show that they can work with Republicans.
But we didn't elect Democrats to work with Republicans! We elected Democrats to string them up!
“They’ve set a very bad example in not working with us,” Mr. Reid said. “We’re not following in that example. We’re reaching out to them, as we have from the time the election was completed.”
The only "reaching out" worth considering would be "reaching out" to grab them by the throats!

The defeated Republican Senator from Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee, is selling exactly the same lame crap as the elected Democrats:
"The people have spoken all across America. They want the Democrats and Republicans to work together."
Who's been telling them that? The DLC??

Certainly not the voters ... or at least, not any voters who have been paying attention during the past six years.

Listen: glug, glug, glug.

That's the sound of America going down the drain.