Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Spy" Provides More Evidence That al-Q'aeda Is A Synonym For NATO Intelligence

This just in, from the BBC:
An agent who infiltrated al-Qaeda in the 1990s was passing it money supplied by European intelligence services, the agent has told the BBC's Newsnight.

The spy, known by the pseudonym of Omar Nasiri, said that to maintain his cover the French and UK services reluctantly gave him money to pass to al-Qaeda.
Or perhaps their "reluctance" was an act, and his real job was to pass money from French and UK intelligence services to al-Q'aeda.
Mr Nasiri also claimed a senior al-Qaeda operative planted evidence to provoke the US into war against Iraq.

Ibn Sheikh Al-Libi fabricated links between al-Qaeda and Iraq when being questioned by US forces in late 2001, he said.
Or perhaps Al-Libi's real job was to provide "fixed" intelligence for the "sexed-up" dossier.
Mr Nasiri trained at al-Qaeda's camps in Afghanistan and met senior figures from the group.

He described the use of chemical weapon experiments. And he claimed radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri was given terror training in London.
Radical Muslim cleric given "terror training" in London? By whom? al-Q'aeda? MI5? MI6?

Let's put it this way: does al-Q'aeda have any training facilities in London?

Reading between the lines has never been easier.
BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera said the revelations had provided an "insight into the emergence of al-Qaeda in the 90s".
But the details given by the agent, who worked for both the French and British intelligence services, showed that "people were not necessarily looking at those global interconnections".
Which people? Personally, I find these global interconnections most fascinating. Don't you?
Al-Qaeda first came to prominence after the attacks on 11 September 2001 in the US.
Oh, man! The British sense of humor is just so dry. But then they couldn't very well come right out and say "Al-Q'aeda became the global(ist) boogeyman ON September 11, 2001" ... Could they?
The full interview with Omar Nasiri can be seen on BBC2's Newsnight at 2230 GMT.
Hopefully one of our British friends will post it on the net so we can all watch the terror myth fall apart together.