Wednesday, July 4, 2007

House Rules

Hello. Welcome to my blog.

Even though it is mine, I try to share it as much as possible. I support the right of my readers to post their opinions, even if I disagree with what they say. Obviously, I do not necessarily agree with every comment posted here.

House Rules are not carved in stone and may be enforced with a certain amount of latitude.

Here, for your kind consideration, are the basics:

[1a] I promise to post when the urge strikes me, no more and no less.
[1b] You may drop by whenever the urge strikes you. We're always open.
[1c] Nobody is required to read this blog. If you don't enjoy it, please click elsewhere.

[2a] Comments are not moderated per se, but certain types of comments are always deleted.
[2b] Repeat offenders risk banishment.

[3a] Comments are not screened for content. "All styles served here", the wise man sayeth.
[3b] Comments are screened for tone. It's easy to be respectful when you're agreeing with somebody, but I expect my guests to treat one another with respect, even when they disagree.

[4] Whether or not you agree with me, you are invited to speak freely provided you can do so in a fairly civilized manner. By the way, I recognize ad hominem attacks and accord them the respect they deserve.

[5a] You are invited to support your assertions by quoting and/or linking to supporting documentation.
[5b] You can post links using HTML or you may simply post URLs, which the software converts to clickable links.
[5c] A few other HTML tags are accepted: Bold, Italics, and Blockquote.

[6] If you're joking, please make it obvious. Otherwise you can offend people for no reason and get me annoyed too. (Notice how I failed to include myself as "people" ... hmmm.)

[7a] Comments are handled by HaloScan and you should consult them for any technical issues pertaining to comments. For other technical issues you should contact me.
[7b] HaloScan limits each comment to roughly 3000 characters. I would change this if I could, but it's a HaloScan "feature". If you have an exceptionally long comment, please submit it as a series of shorter ones.

[8] I don't make any money from this blog (nor from any of my other blogs) and I don't expect others to do so either. If you're selling something, you may send me email about it, and if I choose to endorse it, that's my call. But you may not use my blog as a billboard.

[9] If you have any comments or questions about House Rules or anything else you see posted here, you can send me email by clicking on the words "Winter Patriot" below (or at the bottom of any post), or on the "email me" link on the sidebar (under "Home").

[10] These House Rules are subject to change as conditions warrant.

[11] There is no number eleven!