Thursday, July 19, 2007

Interdicting The Flow Of Weapons, American-Style: Who Needed That Bridge, Anyway?

US warplanes dropped four 2,000-pound bombs and three 500-pounders on a bridge south of Baghdad Sunday, according to a military statement released today and reported by the UAE's Khaleej Times.

According to the report, the "improvised steel reinforced bridge" had allegedly been used for smuggling weapons and militants into the Iraqi capital. The statement said destroying it would inhibit "insurgent movement south of Baghdad".

Fortunately, nobody ever used the bridge except insurgents and weapons-smugglers, so nothing else will have been inhibited by the airstrike.

Sunday's attack was part of operation Marne Avalanche, which supposedly started Monday.


This is Winter Patriot reporting from Baghdad, where there are more than enough bridges, anyhow.

Too many bridges, actually ...

... but thanks to the generous Americans and their airstrikes, the bridge oversupply problem is now slightly less acute!