Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stunning: What It Looks Like When A Political Candidate Tells The Truth

If you live in California's 14th Congressional district, you have an opportunity that is -- tragically -- unavailable to most other Americans. You can vote for a Congressional candidate who has the courage -- and the knowledge -- to say the things that Democrats would say if they really represented Change, or Hope, or even Audacity:

"On 9/11, three skyscrapers were felled by two planes. World Trade Center 7, the Patriot Act, the Financial Crash, the Bailout, all share characteristics of controlled demolitions, criminal fraud, and treason. We the people, need courage to seek and speak the truth. We need to investigate the big lies. We need to arrest, impeach the terrorists. We need to defend our Constitution, our rights, our lives. I am Carol Brouillet, Green Party Candidate for Congress and I approve this message. Vote Green for Truth, Peace and Justice."
Are you interested in more? Check out her website: Carol Brouillet for Congress

Read about what she's been doing to promote truth and justice.

Read Carol's explanation of why she's running, and how 9/11 changed her approach:
Prior to 9/11 my main issue was global economics, the monetary system in particular, which has probably caused even more deaths, and suffering than the recent wars. Unfortunately it sometimes takes a crisis to get people's attention and to get them to look at things that they have never questioned or thought deeply about. In the 90s I had written extensively, spoken, organized many conferences about money, but to seriously change the system, I realized one had to change the belief system of the whole world, a daunting, if not impossible task.

Perhaps that is why I took on the issue of 9/11, I saw how it could transform the way most Americans think about their country, the world, the systems that we live under, if they realized that they had been lied to, tricked, into supporting imperial wars, and the expansion of a police state that threatened rather than ensured their liberties and lives. Actually, educating the public about 9/11 was easier than educating the public about global economics and money, so I took on the challenge, and also did my best to include a more holistic understanding of how 9/11 was but a facet of a deeper, more systemic problem that required understanding and transformation. The financial crash, however, is getting people's attention and they are beginning to realize that there is something greatly amiss.
Want more? Take a look at this statement from Carol Brouillet via KTVU television.

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