Monday, August 13, 2007

Don't Believe Everything You Hear

It's the strangest thing. It's as if a football coach left the sidelines during a game to go sit in the press box, and the other team and their fans -- millions and millions of fans all over the world -- went wild!

Nothing like this has happened since Dumsfeld resigned in disgrace. He may still have an office in the Pentagon, but he's only running a staff of seven. I'm still celebrating over that one -- how about you?

I cannot comment further on the ripple effects of Karl Rove's redeployment, except to deny the irresponsible rumors that have been circulating all over the internet, to the effect that I have been offered his job in the White House beginning in September.

That's not true. I haven't even had my interview ... yet!


We haven't had a song in a long time and that's my fault; today's tune is by the late great Lowell George of Little Feat, and it's called
Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie

Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie
growled out his commands
and all the able seamen
clicked their heels and swore
they would protect the noble ship
in peacetime and in war

and they danced a jig until the dawn
sang a loyal sailor's song
drank a pot of steaming rum
did all the things that loyal sailors do

Captain Bill expressed great glee
all the things that he had planned
were made to go his way
all the fares he had collected
and salted away
made his lips curl in a smile

Just the Luke the Rat from down below
called to Gunboat Bill -- he said
"Listen to those madmen wail!
They've been at sea for ninety days
without the sight of land
No it doesn't look too good to me
No it doesn't look too good at all."

The Captain pondered what the Rat had said
till he could think of nothing more
then he threw his crew into the foaming sea
at least a thousand miles from shore

and he danced a jog until the dawn
sang a loyal captain's song
drank a pot of steaming rum
did all the things that loyal captains do

The Rat looked hard at Gunboat Bill
then he said in a serious style
as he leaped into the water
"Don't believe, no don't believe,
don't believe everything that your hear!"