Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mike Gravel: War As A Game Of Chess

Here's the text from Mike Gravel's new campaign video.

How do you like it?
Chess Anyone?

The Bush Administration Seems To Think
That Acts Of Foreign Policy
Can Be Enacted as Players on a Chessboard
But Countries Like Iraq,
Ira, North Korea, Syria
Are Far More Than Squares On A Chessboard

They Are Nations
With People
And Customs
With Children
And Hopes And Dreams

Our Government
Has Been Treating War
As a Game of Chess
For Far Too Long

It's Time They Stop Cheating

To Get Empowered
And End "Board Game" Decision Making
On The World Stage

Mike Gravel
For President
Please watch the video here at Dandelion Salad via YouTube.

And tell me how you like that too, if you're moved to do so.