Friday, August 10, 2007

If She Knew Four Years Ago What She Knows Now...

The Times of London reports that Iraqis who have been working as interpreters for the occupying armies are viewed as "spies" and "traitors", and that their lives are in danger.

Who'd a thunk it?

According to CNN, one person who didn't -- until it was too late -- is "Anita",
a divorced mother of four who took the job back in 2003 to support her children.

"When I started to work with the Americans, it was a very wonderful job," she says, sitting on her bed with her long, dark hair in a simple braid. "There wasn't any kind of the threat we face now, about killing us, about kidnapping us, whatever."

The last time she saw her children was six months ago. They are now living with their father.

"I miss them so much," she says. "I feel sick because of them. My heart is killing me."

She says that if she knew four years ago what she knows now, she wouldn't have decided to work with U.S. forces.

"I'll be honest, no. Because I cannot manage myself, and I cannot work with people [who are going to] leave me behind one day. I'd rather stay living free in my streets in my country than being wanted by many different organizations."

She is concerned that the U.S. military has made no provisions for her future.
Guess what, Anita? The U.S. military has made no provisions for anyone's future. They specialize in taking people's futures away!

Everybody has to learn sometime. But the lessons sure are painful, aren't they?