Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Screwed Now Than Ever Before

My rusty old steed has finally gone to CPU heaven; rather than changing careers, I decided to get a new computer. I do not like the new keyboard at all, nor do I care much for the new OS. And they don't seem to like me, either. So we're having a big battle and not much else is getting done. All my blogs have been dormant.

But I've been reading as much as possible ... and I can't shake the feeling that we're more screwed now than ever before, though it seems hardly anyone agrees with me.

Perhaps that's why I don't agree with them.

I thought Mark Morford was making sense in his newest -- Greetings from "the angry left" -- until the end of his column:
But don't you worry, because there's an even bigger secret looming that the right wing can't really mention right now. See, much as they want to sling "angry left" around and hope it sticks, there's simply no getting over the fact that, despite how it will take the Obama administration many years to repair the incredible damage Hurricane Bush hath wrought, most of us on the left are actually feeling pretty damn good these days. Happy, even.

See, we know the tide has turned. The Bush Dark Days are nearly over. The Obama groundswell is historic, extraordinary, unstoppable. The GOP had its turn, was handed six years of unprecedented, unchecked power, and very nearly destroyed the country. Even Republican leaders now openly admit their party is a mess, shattered and gutted by Bush, will take years and decades to restore to something resembling dignity. And McCain/Palin? An aberration, one of the most disquieting quasi-conservative tickets to ever give a nation the creeps.

So then, trust me when I say, try as they might, "the angry left" won't stick. As anyone with the slightest sense of history and poetic justice knows, such a jab is merely the final, desperate wailings of the bankrupt, the shameful, and the doomed.
It's too bad how he's got it all twisted around there. It's America that's bankrupt and doomed, not the Republican party. As for shameful, I would use that word to describe Barack Obama and the people who still support him.

But Mark Morford thinks the Obama administration is going to reverse the depredations of the Bush administration and that's why The Left is not Angry. Uh-huh. Sure, Mark.

The only problem with this analysis in my opinion is that there isn't a shred of evidence that Obama wants to do anything of the kind, and plenty of evidence to the contrary; in the meantime Obama is showing himself to be utterly shameless with respect to a massive war crime as well as the betrayal of the vast majority of American voters. In other words, he is ready to be Commander-in-Chief.

And Mark Morford may speak for The Left but he certainly doesn't speak for me. Oh well.

At At-Largely, Jeff Huber slays a pack of stupid little lies in his newest -- They Lied with Their Boots On -- but along the way he sips from the Magical Chalice containing the Big Lie. As usual.

Huber rips into David Petraeus for saying things he can't prove, writing:
It's the eye-watering lies of the neoconservative oligarchy that everyone remembers, but I've come to believe the little lies they tell reveal more about their malignant nature, and I'm particularly interested when these venial mendacities get dropped not by our politicians, but by our ever growing phalanx of political generals.

[Petraus] said that senior Al Qaeda leaders "might be" diverting fighters from the war in Iraq to the Afghan frontier area. He also said that Al Qaeda "might be" reconsidering Iraq as its highest priority war front. What made him say this "might be" happening is "some intelligence that has picked this up.” In case you're wondering what "some intelligence" might consist of, Petraeus explained that, "It's not solid gold intelligence." And "not solid gold intelligence" means what, exactly, General?

“There are unsubstantiated rumors and reflections that perhaps some foreign fighters originally intended for Iraq may have gone to the FATA," Petraeus finally told AP, which means in point of fact that the entire story about al Qaeda in Iraq transferring itself to the Bananastans is total f***ing bulls***; but that didn't keep Petraeus from telling it or the Associated Press from running it.
And that's quite legitimate, but on the other hand consider this nonchalant reference to an even bigger lie, portrayed here as truth:
... you can smuggle dribs and drabs of martyrdom interns from Baghdad to Islamabad or wherever. You'd do that with key leadership personnel, or with special task operatives like the carload of out-of-towners who pulled off the 9/11 attacks. But it's not like the Petraeuses of this world would have you believe ...
The problem, of course, is that IF a cartload of out-of-towners had pulled off the 9/11 attacks, the entire terror war might be somewhat justified and the fact that Petraeus is exaggerating wildly now would be of minor import.

In order to believe the big lie, you also have to believe that a 47-story skyscraper that wasn't hit by a plane disintegrated in seven seconds, due to thermal expansion -- the first and only building to do so in the history of the world.

Yeah, right!

The NIST report by its own admission is utter horse manure, but Barack Obama buys the 9/11 Myth just as fully as John McCain does ... and while guys like Huber and Morford drink from the poisoned chalice, shake their bloody pom-poms and dream their pipe dreams, the biggest lies of all are still standing, and growing, and being reinforced in hundreds of millions of ways.

The foul and bloody chimera erected seven years ago is becoming more solid all the time.

Meanwhile, Robert Parry has been both Too Bad and As Usual lately as well, as prior trends have continued, and the former Consortium News has now become Cheering For Obama.

Recently, Parry has been writing about McCain and Palin and how phony they are; nothing of the sort about Barack Obama and Joe Biden. They're the good guys in an ever-evolving tale of news and politics, from one of the formerly great investigative journalists of his bygone era. Very sad and getting worse.

Why, among all the chumps writing today, do I pick on these three? Some sort of moral deficiency on my part, I suppose.

I used to think these three writers were excellent. I used to read them all the time.

Now I can't break the habit, even though they make me so sad and/or angry so often.

Sometimes I think that by sidestepping the big questions and/or supporting the big lie and/or ignoring the words and sponsors of their chosen candidate, they're insulting my intelligence.

Other times I think I'm insulting my own intelligence by continuing to read them ... but what else is there to read?


Gandhi is all the way in Australia but he can see what Obama is up to.
Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Barack Obama said the surge of American forces in Iraq has ``succeeded beyond our wildest dreams,'' though Iraqis still haven't done enough to take responsibility for their country.

``The surge has succeeded in ways that nobody anticipated,'' Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, said in a recorded interview broadcast tonight on Fox News's ``The O'Reilly Factor'' program.
Gandhi asks:
Is it time to vote Green yet?

John Caruso was paying attention and his post at A Distant Ocean bears the perfect title: "Obama and O'Reilly share a sip from the blood cup":
Just in case you missed it, here's another lovely nugget (or see the video here) to share with your Democrat friends:
Sen. Barack Obama: “Bill, what I’ve said is—I’ve already said it succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.”

Bill O’Reilly: “Right! So why can’t you just say, I was right in the beginning, and I was wrong about the surge?"

Sen. Obama: “Because there is an underlying problem with what we’ve done. We have reduced the violence…”

O’Reilly: “Yeah?”

Sen. Obama: “...but the Iraqis still haven’t taken responsibility! And we still don’t have the kind of political reconciliation. We are still spending, Bill, $10 [billion] to $12 billion a month.”

O’Reilly: “And I hope, if you’re president, you can get them to kick in and pay us back.”

Sen. Obama: “They’ve got $79 billion in New York!”

O’Reilly: “And I’ll go with you!”

Sen. Obama: “Let’s go!”

O’Reilly: “We’ll get some of that money back.”
As a friend said: let's make them pay for the whip we're using to beat them!
Exactly. Why not? Iraqis have to take responsibility for their own country now; this is an ownership society! And as the "Angry Left" used to say, we don't own Iraq.

Instead Iraq is the scene of an enormous and ongoing crime -- a war crime, a crime against humanity, the most serious offense against the most serious legal strictures ever passed -- and nobody -- left, right, or center -- will say anything about it, other than a few madmen on the net.

Chris Floyd must be the maddest of all the internet madmen; his four most recent posts combine to tell an awesome tale:

Surge Protectors: Obama Embraces Bush-McCain Spin on Iraq

Both parties support a heinous lie, a brutal crime against innocent people which is hailed as a success. Meanwhile ...

Work of Evil: Beyond the Worst-Case Scenario in Somalia

... yet another country is being destroyed as part of the Terror War, by proxy and for gas and oil, and without the knowledge or consent (or, apparently, much concern) of the American people.

Rebel Yell: Resistance and Renaissance in the Age of Terror

What's a self-respecting human to do? Submit to the craziness, or fight back in defense of life and dignity?

Fight back against what? The root of all evil?

Gobblers on Parade: Portrait of a Highly Successful System

Share it fairly but don't take a slice of my pie...

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