Monday, May 28, 2007

4th Annual DemocracyFest To Include Greg Palast, Mark Crispin Miller, Bev Harris, Mike Gravel, and more...

This looks interesting: Can you get to New Hampshire for the second weekend in June?

It's June 9th and 10th, to be precise, for the 4th annual DemocracyFest. This year it's at the Wayfarer Inn, near Manchester, NH.

Confirmed speakers include Greg Palast, Mike Gravel, Bev Harris, John Edwards, Mark Crispin Miller, Carol Shea Porter and Howard Dean.

In addition to these and several other speakers, there will also be workshops and panels on a wide variety of topics, plus live music and great networking opportunities, according to the preliminary accounts.

It might also be an excellent place to meet some federales.

For the schedule, tickets, and more information, visit DemocracyFest dot Net.