Friday, May 4, 2007

Wanker Blair And His Labour Lapdogs Trashed By Scottish Separatists

Wanker turned War Criminal Tony Blair and his gang of bloodsoaked cretins have suffered the first of what promises to be a series of public floggings, and the brave and resilient Scots are celebrating -- as well they should.

According to The Old Grey Bitch,
In a historic reversal, the separatist Scottish National Party emerged today as the biggest political force in Scotland, ending 50 years of dominance there by the ruling Labor Party and redrawing Britain’s political landscape.

The outcome was a sharp rebuke to Mr. Blair, and a troubled, embarrassing debut for Gordon Brown, a Scot who is expected to become Britain’s next prime minister. Although he was not a candidate in the election this week, Mr. Brown, who is currently chancellor of the exchequer, traveled to Scotland to campaign vigorously against the Scottish National Party, staking his prestige on a Labor victory.

Alex Salmond, the Scottish National Party leader, hailed the “wind of change” in Scottish politics.

“Never again will we say Labor has a divine right to rule Scotland,” he said. “They have no moral authority left to govern.”
Even though Mr. Salmond didn't to explain what "moral authority" is, much less why it's considered a requirement for governing in the UK but not in the US, this is still an occasion for friends of democracy and opponents of blood and bullshit to rejoice -- briefly.

But only briefly, as grave omens threaten democracy's future, in the UK just as in the US:
The vote tabulation in Scotland was severely disrupted by problems with counting machines and by up to 100,000 ballots that were judged to be spoiled, apparently resulting from voter confusion over complex voting forms and from technical problems with newly installed computers.

Mr. Salmond said the procedural problems had “profoundly unsettled” Scotland, and he demanded an inquiry.
Let's hope they stay "profoundly unsettled" until they get rid of all their computerized "voting" machines, and then let's hope they teach us how to do it.

The Scotsman has detailed coverage, of course.