Saturday, May 5, 2007

Changes Are Afoot

I've made a few changes in the site layout and it might look a little strange for a while, but probably not for much longer.

There have also been some changes behind the scenes.

The artist formerly known as "Agent 99", now living under deep cover as simply "99", has made some outstanding contributions to this blog, and to another blog where I sat in for a few months, and both blogs have been much enhanced by her input.

But all things must pass, so to speak, and if I am ever to thank her again, now's the time. So here's another tip of the frozen cap...

As for the future, I don't know whether she intends to concentrate on blogging or on other -- possibly more effective -- endeavors. Her blog is well worth reading already, so if she decides to give it even more time and energy, there's no telling how good it might get. And if she decides to focus on something else, she's quite likely to tell us all about it on her blog.

For these reasons, I suggest that you bookmark neufneuf dot blogspot dot com, and visit frequently.


Can you pronounce the name of her blog? Do you know what it means?

If not, pay attention: "neuf" means "nine" in French, and it rhymes with "hoof"!