Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's A 'Slam-Dunk': Tenet Wasn't Lying To Bush About Iraq's WMD -- Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk has shredded the parting lies of Tony Blair in a very clever piece for The Independent.

Your cold scribbler finds special interest in Fisk's comment about George Tenet and his "slam-dunk":
Take George Tenet, the CIA Ernest Borgnine lookalike who sat behind Colin Powell when the US Secretary of State was uttering all those lies about weapons of mass destruction in February of 2003. It now turns out that George is mightily upset with the White House. He didn't refer to evidence of WMD as a "slam dunk", he says - a basketball phrase which I don't need to explain. He was talking about the ability of the US government to persuade the American people to go to war based on these lies. In other words, he wasn't lying to the American president. He was only lying to the American people.
That's beautiful. Sharpen the blades! Impeachment is far too good for these monsters!!


Robert Fisk spoke with the excellent Radio Sweden about Arabic influence in Swedish life in a program broadcast today; here's the mp3.