Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Survey Says: 42% Of Americans Are Fornicated In The Cranium

According to a poll recently published by Investors Business Daily, 78% of Americans think we should keep troops in Iraq until the country is stabilized.

If this number is accurate, it means that at most 22% of us realize that American troops in Iraq are a destabilizing force.

A slightly less-recent poll (from CNN) indicated that 64% of Americans oppose the war.

Let's do a little math, shall we? (I promise this won't hurt much!)

If 64% oppose the war then only 36% support it.

If 78% think we should stay until the country is stabilized, but only 36% support the war, then the others -- 42% of us -- oppose the war but still think we should keep troops there until the country somehow becomes "stable".

Here's the part I find remarkable -- and utterly horrifying: the number of people who say they oppose the war but think we should keep fighting (42%) is greater than the number of people who say they support the war (36%).

In other words, more than half of the support for staying in Iraq is coming from people who say they oppose the war.

It doesn't get any sicker than that. At least I hope it doesn't.