Sunday, May 6, 2007

Truth-Teller Lou Dobbs Under Attack For Alleged Hate Speech

Kurt Nimmo reports:
“A Jewish group is calling for the firing of an outspoken CNN anchor, Lou Dobbs, after he accused advocates for illegal immigrants of using propaganda techniques employed by Nazi Germany,” reports the New York Sun. “Mr. Dobbs has crossed the line between responsible television commentary and hate-speech propaganda of his own. Keeping him on the air is essentially sanctioning by CNN -- which is why we’re asking CNN to remove Dobbs from his very public platform,” complained Gideon Aronoff. “Comparisons to Nazis -- especially in this day and age -- are abhorrent.”
Au contraire, Mr. Aronoff! Comparisons to Nazis -- especially in this day and age -- are particularly relevant. But apparently irony rules the day, and relevance is fast becoming "quaint".

For instance, is it not supremely ironic that a representative of a Jewish group -- who presumably would want us to remember always what the Nazis did and how they did it -- would now tell us that mere "comparisons" to Nazis are "abhorrent"? It goes to show just how far we've fallen through the looking glass, especially when, as Nimmo points out,
it is perfectly legitimate to compare Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Hitler and the Iranian government to a gaggle of Nazis. Dobbs made the mistake of saying something hurtful—never mind the truth of his statement—against a government protected minority group.
And that's not to mention the obvious and entirely overlooked fact that the propaganda techniques employed by Nazi Germany are well-known, easily detected and more or less ubiquitous in the bizarre culture of fiction and hatred which the criminals who've taken over our country call "the post-9/11 world".
It is no mistake Mr. Aronoff used the words “hate-speech propaganda” in his denunciation. Indeed, in the weeks ahead, as the Senate passes the “Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act,” also called the “Gay Hate Bill,” we can expect additional targets to come under attack for the egregious crime of speaking their minds. Prosecuting preachers and Christians opposed to homosexuality is but the useful veneer of this draconian legislation, as the government, of course, does not give a whit about the supposed rights of homosexuals -- or, in fact, the rights anybody but a small number of bankers and transnational corporations.
Apparently nothing for our pseudo-Christian leaders is Eternal and Everlasting but their newfangled Unholy Trinity of Fiction, Hatred, and Irony.

They've got the churches -- including the church my family attends -- fighting for what they call "freedom of religion", which is supposedly under attack. But the only alleged infringements that they ever complain about seem to revolve around the church's "right" to discriminate against homosexuals. No other aspect of religious freedom seems to be an issue for these people, who would never dream of allowing their church to be "used" for "political" purposes (such as, perhaps, a protest against a whole series of unprovoked amd unjustified wars) despite the undeniable fact that the instructions "Thou shalt not kill" and "Thou shalt not steal" feature much more prominently in the Bible than anything it has to say about homosexuality.

And so the truth-twisters who now run our country have managed to turn the opponents of hatred -- as well as its practitioners -- against the Bill of Rights. How long can a former republic divided against itself remain standing?

Meanwhile, the irony continues unabated, as Nimmo points out.
“In calling for Dobbs to be kicked off the air for simply using an analogy about Nazi Germany, the Jewish group are behaving like Nazis themselves, attempting to chill free speech and create a climate where nobody is allowed to say anything in case it offends someone,” notes Prison Planet. “Since Don Imus made an ignorant off-hand comment about a black female basketball team, enemies of free speech everywhere have crawled out of the woodwork in an attempt to exploit the controversy and silence anyone who dares challenge political correctness or simply makes a statement that some would consider controversial.”

In the case of Dobbs, however, it is not simply controversy, as the anchor strikes at the heart of the concerted effort to reduce the American worker to carefully engineered pauperism and usher in a New Serfdom through open borders and ongoing currency devaluation.
Not to mention his longstanding efforts on behalf of electoral-system sanity, as chronicled in detail here.
It is really quite remarkable Lou Dobbs was allowed to righteously complain for so long on CNN’s dime about open borders and illegal immigration.
It's also remarkable that he was allowed to complain for so long about the bogus "voting" machines, in my opinion. But perhaps the powers-that-be judged the American public too apathetic to do anything, even if the truth about our so-called "electoral" system were generally known. They may have been right about that.

Nonetheless, as Nimmo remarks, we can
expect prosecutions and witch hunts to commence forthwith, especially against truth tellers.
Especially against truth tellers! There's a good one; Kurt Nimmo cracks me up!!

Isn't suppression of truth tellers the whole point of the exercise? Who else would they mount witch hunts against?