Thursday, February 8, 2007

Iran to US: If You Attack We'll Respond; US to Iran: We Won't Invade

This just in, from Reuters via the New Zealand Herald: White House says 'we're not invading Iran'
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Thursday his country would target US interests if it came under attack.
Who wouldn't? Or perhaps I should say: isn't Iran under attack already? Or haven't the Iranians connected the recent terrorist attacks with covert US support for an anti-Iranian terrorist group?
President George W. Bush and his administration are not contemplating invading Iran, the White House said overnight.

"I've said it, the secretary of defence has said it, the president has said it: We're not invading Iran," White House spokesman Tony Snow said.

"He's spinning a hypothetical about something that is not contemplated," White House spokesman Tony Snow said.
Do you notice how the White house never says "We're not contemplating attacking Iran."

Just offhand I'd say the US could do a lot of damage to Iran without invading. So a promise not to invade Iran is not worth the pixels you're looking at, especially coming from Tony Snow.

And therefore, I'll file this one under "manure" ... at least until further notice.