Monday, February 12, 2007

MSM Complicity In 9/11? Are These People Crazy?

Are these people nuts, or what?
Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, but three times is enemy action.
From BrassCheckTV dot Com via WRH:
If a crime were committed and immediately afterward "experts" appeared on the scene claiming knowledge that nobody could possibly have about it, what would you think? That's exactly what happened the morning of 9/11
Is this video direct evidence of MSM complicity in 9/11? The cold blogger says: "Watch it and decide for yourself!"

Fox News featured a "man in the street" eye witness who explained in strangely formal language the science behind why the towers collapsed when most engineers and firemen were utterly baffled and in shock by what had just taken place.
CBS featured a Bush administration insider (and not identified as such) as a guest who actively worked to dissuade Dan Rather (and viewers) from speculating that there must have been explosive charges placed in the buildings for them to have collapsed the way they did.
MSNBC presented an elaborately detailed story about the lifestyle and anti-US philosophy of Osama bin Laden - while both towers were still burning and long before Bin Laden had been accused by anyone.
I could cite other examples from memory, but these guys have the video!!